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Ever hear anyone say "They don't make 'em like they used to"?


Well, here at Valvetech we don't either! While most other "boutique" amp shops charge you out the rear to try and recreate what's already been done, we've gone forward to create what be believe to be one of the best amps in existence.

The Valvetech amp does vintage clean to metal scream, but it only has 6 knobs! (OK, as many as 8 if you add reverb and effects loop). Use it like an old four-input amp, or a modern, hyper-gain switching machine!

It has the versatility of a modern high-gain amp, and the simplicity of an old tweed amp. These amps are actually MADE at our shop. The chassis is punched and formed in our metal shop, the cabs are made in our woodshop. YOUR AMP IS MADE TO ORDER. (no hole plugs !!!) Unlike most other guys that just assemble premade chassis and cabs , we custom make your amp, from the ground up. 

"The VAC 25 is simply a remarkably toneful, exceptionally versatile, and cleverly-designed, hand-wired amp that ranks among the most unique and toneful designs we have ever encountered."

Tonequest Report, June 2008