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Totally tube. Totally Original Circuitry

The  VAC 25/50 - 2 The ULTIMATE tweed amp with gain switching and reverb.


Channel 1 is a pure tweed channnel, based on the 59 tweed amps. Go ahead and compare it to an original, it more than holds its own! Plugging into channel 1 on theThe VAC 25/50 -2 is like stepping back in time over 50 years.

Channel 2 is the gain switching channel. This channel can go from pristine clean to massive overdrive . Even with the gain maxed it still has the feel and basic character of an old amp. Turn the boost on and off with the footswitch, the gain changes but the basic tone stays the same. No need for seperate clean and dirty tone controls on this amp. You dont even need the footswitch, the amp will clean of from max gain to clean just with your guitars volume control (much like a T wreck) Massive gain, light plexi style OD, Umble type OD, vintage clean, all here,all in 1 amp.

The Valvetech Suplex - $1,499

The Valvetech Suplex amp fills the gap between vintage and modern plexi sounds. Based on the original 1959 Superlead, the Suplex keeps all the mojo you love about the original amps. Click here for more details.

The Hayseed series amps.

These amps are reproductions of the famous "British Invasion" amps. It has the Top Boost channel and bypass channel. It is powered by four el 84s (cathode biased) The preamp has 3 12AX7s and is rectified by a GZ 34.

Options include tube reverb,non buffered effects loop(line level ONLY) EF 86 preamp and global tube tremelo. The standard amp is a repoduction of the 1963 circuit. These amps have the great old sound in spades, but also have some of the warts as well. They do "ghost note" at high volumes, due to the low filtering the '63 models had. I do not add additional filtering, as it departs from the vintage sound. They also run hot ! (Its just the nature of the circuit). All of these models come standard with bypassing master, the 30 watt amp has a half power switch, the 15 watt model does not.

The Hayseed amps have much improved ventilation over the originals, you also have easy access to the tubes, it is all point to point wired, and of course it is made in the USA. Dont compare this amp to a mere clone, or cheap import, line it up side by side to a real vintage amp, do a blind listening test, the Hayseed is going to FLOOR you !

Amp Prices:

VAC 25 Head $1,299.00
VAC 50 Head $1,499.00

Hayseed 15 Head $1,299.00
Hayseed 30 Head $1,499.00

Options & up charges for these models:

Add to 1-12 unloaded combo cab $50.00
Head Price 2-10 unloaded combo cab $50.00
10-12 unloaded combo cab $100.00
2-12 unloaded combo cab $100.00

All tube reverb $150.00
All tube tremelo $200.00
Non Buffered effects loop $50

Hayseed 15 and 30 models ONLY EF86 $150.00 (works best on the head version of the amp, combos prone to microphonics )


Celestion G12 M $125 each
Celestion Alnico Blue $275.00 each
Celestion Alnico Gold $275.00 each
Jensen P10 R (with bell) $125.00 each
Jensen P12N (with bell cover) $200.00

You can get any speaker you want put in you amp if we can get it. We will have to charge the difference, and some speakers may increase the amps lead time.

New Models:

25 watt Superluxe Reverb Head $1,299.00
50 watt Superluxe Reverb Head $1,499.00

These Amps all come with reverb add cabinet preferences to these prices. The only option available are loop and tremelo.

Suplex (50 watt only) $1,499.00

Only loop is an option on these amps. Cab upgrade prices add to head price.

See www.mojotone.com for color options. 

You get your choice of tolex and grill cloth. Some restrictions apply.