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The Valvetech Suplex amp fills the gap between vintage and modern plexi sounds. Based on the original 1959 Superlead, the Suplex keeps all the mojo you love about the original amps. These amps have the original 4 input setup, so you can run each channel on its own, or blend the channels for classic rock sounds used by the great rock pioneers. These amps are half power versions of the 1959 model, bigger tone and punch than its 1987 model cousin. This amp has some modern features that the old amps don’t have, like a  fully adjustable, footswitchable OVERDRIVE BOOST. The boost retains the old sound, just adds punch, sustain and fantastic overdrive.

Just about any classic plexi sound from the 60s to modern rock can be had from this tone box. All handwired handmade in Ossian IN, using all high quality components. Tube set up is the same as the originals (3 12AX7s, 2 EL34s) but we also add the GZ34 rectifier tube to get the natural “brown sound” at high volumes. No signal path diodes or transistors, just pure organic tube tone. These start at $1499.00 for the head with your choice of tolex (other options such as effects loop and tube tremelo are extra). Click here to order.